A few more photos



Reception (First dance, bouquet throw, garter toss)

When dessert had been cleared away and the caterers had left, Josh and I had our first dance to the song “Amazing” by Cassie Davis. There were hardly any good photos taken as I was singing the entire song to him, so in a lot of the photos I am midway through saying something. I had also had a lot to drink and it was the first time I had stood up in over an hour so I was pretty woozy… there are a few photos that clearly show that I am holding on to Josh more than dancing with him. Oops!

(My mum and Josh dancing)

After the first dance everyone joined us on the dance floor and we did the nutbush, the macarena and all those other silly dances that everyone knows!

Just before we left to go to our wedding night villa, I threw my bouquet – which Tamasin caught.  The song playing while this happened was “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Fitting I know 😛

And then Josh took my garter off with his teeth and threw that, and Nathan caught that one.

Hahahaha… they didn’t want to rip up the grass on the hill, so they attached a tow rope to dad’s 4wd…but Josh pretended that he was pulling it 😛

Reception (cutting of the cake)

I’ve had to separate all the parts of the reception as it won’t let me post too many photos in one post (the photos are big files).

After the speeches Josh and I cut the cake and then we had dessert.

After we cut the cake Josh and I went out of the marquee and stood by the lake. There was the most beautiful full moon on our wedding night. The weather was just perfect!

Reception (speeches)

After the ceremony we went and had photos taken (which I will post soon), then we came back to the marquee for the reception. The reception was so much fun!

For dinner we had a buffet. It was so much better than I expected it to be. It was delicious! Beef, ham, chicken, salads, roast vegies. So yummy!! Josh and I got different food so we could pick at each others and try all the food… Josh ended up eating most of my plate too haha!

(Hehe…notice the eskies next to Josh and I).

Out of all the people to get a wishbone, one of my most superstitious friends got it! She ran up to me straight away… and I won!!!

After we had finished dinner the toasts/speeches began. Josh started off; he thanked everyone for coming and thanked all the people that helped make our wedding what it was (the people who helped set up, Nicki; our photographer, our families for assisting with funds hehe). He was so nervous, but when he did his speech he did fine! He’s such a good public speaker and he doesn’t even realise!

After Josh’s speech Ryan gave a toast. He told a few hilarious stories about Josh and him, and also talked about how “grown up” he was and how he looked so good in a suit (and that he should have had a spotlight on him). I laughed so much when he gave his speech!

After Ryan’s toast, both Josh’s dad (Chris) and my dad (Sam) gave speeches welcoming both Josh and I into each others families.



Dad also thanked Ike for MCing the night. Ike moved in with my family and lived with us for a few years so was like a brother to me.

After dad spoke, my brother Josh came up to say congratulations. I’m not sure who planned for him to come up, and I don’t think it was his idea as he didn’t really have anything to say except for congratulations haha. It was very cute though!

Then Karla and Tamasin came up to read the “telegrams” (the messages from everyone who couldn’t make it but sent their well wishes), and they also had a little speech of their own.

The Ceremony 04.08.12

Our wedding was absolutely perfect! I can’t find one fault with it! Everything turned out perfectly; the venue, the weather, the fact that my cold sore was gone. Everyone told us before the wedding not to have such high expectations, that things go wrong and not everything works out perfectly…but our wedding played out exactly as we envisioned. It was amazing!! I was so nervous walking down the aisle but as soon as I got to the end of the aisle and was standing facing Josh all the nerves disappeared. Probably because he was all teary!!! It was so adorable! Saying our vows wasn’t as scary as I thought either. It honestly felt like it was just Josh and I talking to one another… not saying our personal feelings in front of 75 other people.

Walking down the aisle was one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done. I was literally shaking I was so nervous.

Dad didn’t help. As we were walking down the aisle he told me how beautiful I looked, how much he loved me and how proud he was of both Josh and I. The nerves and emotions ran wild then and I burst out crying. And then I was laughing at myself for crying so much. I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life!

When I got to the end of the aisle all the nerves disappeared straight away. Seeing Josh was incredible. And he was so teary! I couldn’t believe it. Afterwards when I talked to him he told me that he thought he wasn’t going to tear up either, but as soon as Lucy (my flower girl) stepped out the door it “got real” and he started welling up! What a cutie!

It was so funny though, I went to step forward and my dad was standing on my dress… I had to tell dad about three times that he was standing on it!

Exchanging vows: Josh made me cry when he read his.

Exchanging rings:

You may now kiss the bride:

Signing the registery: Officially Mr & Mrs Edwards!!!